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12 Years Later, Tampa Now Perceived as Business Friendly, Proactive

We've often wondered about the intangible value of big global events like the Republican National Convention, Super Bowl and IIFA. Add to all that proactive benchmarking and business development trips by Tampa Bay's top elected officials, and it might explain improvements in how business friendly the area is perceived. Learn more

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Fast Facts
Bloomberg Businessweek named Tampa one of America's 50 Best Cities for 2012. 

Tampa ranked #8 on the list of America's Best Cities for Millennials according to, scoring points for strong salaries & low commute times. 

The Florida High Tech Corridor is the #4 Tech Job Hot Spot in the U.S. according to a recent Bright Labs report.


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“Having personally worked out of our small office in Tampa for five years, I was very familiar with the benefits of relocating our world headquarters to the Tampa area, including the great quality of life, access to local universities and potential educational partnerships, and a large pool of local talent.”